Realistic in appearance, functional as they provide insulation, longterm resistance and easy installation and decorative. Equipped with a click system for easier installation and enhanced in appearance by the four sided v grooves that add depth, these floor coverings are ideal for any remodeling project.

Megafloor Collection

MEGAFLOOR offers a comprehensive selection of laminate flooring decors with integrated design advice. It was compiled by colour experts and recommends the matching wall colours for any decor in the process of designing your living space

Spirit Collection

The SPIRIT collection embodies a new generation of laminate flooring which is especially environmentally friendly. The rawboards, mainly produced from pressed wood fibres, are direct printed with colour and finished as modern flooring sealed with environmentally friendly coating systems. With a low-stress product structure, SPIRIT laminate flooring feels particularly warm, soft and quiet


Warm, soft, silent, robust. Life takes place on floorings. They make you feel comfortable.That is why EGGER developed a new flooring which is concerted to customers needs.


From modern to traditional, the laminate flooring from VIVO presents new perspectives for every room. The trendy decors combined with innovative surfaces open up a new world in optics and haptics.


A journey of discovery into the new world of living! Come and join us on a journey of discovery to explore the interior decorating styles of Europe and find the flooring of your dreams.


When we cook together at home, everything seems perfect to me. The day’s work is done, and now we are enjoying life. When everything fits and nothing is missing, that is my perfect one.